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Our Projects

Connection, collaboration, and technological education to improve senior health.


Volunteers are the heart of our organization. Students can volunteer with us in a senior facility and help make a direct impact in the lives of seniors. Volunteers can help out with events held by the senior center, or can design activities based on the interest of the residents. 

Volunteers with musical talent can perform and bring more music into residents' lives.

Women Holding Hands

Health Communication

Accurate interpretation of health information is very important to us at Aldercare. Often, seniors do not fully understand their discharge instructions. We hope that by presenting current trends in healthcare, older adults will be better able to make health decisions.

Music Player Program

Music has shown to have therapeutic benefits for memory care patients. Residents with access to personalized music have shown to be happier and less anxious. Our program collects Ipods and distribute it to memory care facilities to benefit residents. 


Technology Education

and Virtual Reality

Increasing access to technology is at the foundation of what we do at Aldercare. Technology usage classes and volunteer assistance for social media apps (Skype, Instagram, Facebook) will help seniors maintain connections with friends and family.


Virtuality Reality demos will allow seniors to explore the world without having to leave the comfort of their rooms.

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