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Who are we?

Aldercare is a national non-profit organization created to improve senior physicial and mental health. Through consistent volunteering, we are able to tackle loneliness, depression, delirium, and dementia through socialization programs and fostering long-lasting relationships. Our computer and smartphone basics classes help keep seniors stay safe on the web while reconnecting with family. Additionally, virtual reality demonstrations help seniors explore the world.  We also coordinate unique experiences such as sports demos.


Our future projects include iPod/music player collections and kid-senior reading programs.

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Our Story

The inspiration behind Aldercare came from our founder Thomas's grandparents. When they emigrated to the United States, the language barrier prevented them from communicating with the neighbors. Additionally, communication with family across the ocean was rare because of the lack of understanding with technology usage. This inspired Thomas to teach his grandparents how to use certain websites so that they can talk face to face with their families back home.

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